All the weights

I started lifting weights when I was 13 with my dad. I joined a weightlifting team when I was 14 in Savannah, GA where I am from and competed throughout high school and my freshman year at Georgia Tech.


I LOVED lifting weights and transitioned to bodybuilding when I was 19. Long interesting story. I won my division at the 2000 Georgia, and then got 3rd place the next year.










I stayed in the gym, but stopped competing and started having babies. I tried triathlon, ran a couple of half marathons and then a full. I was surprised to discover I was actually pregnant with my third when I ran my marathon! Stowaway.

I started CrossFit to get rid of the baby weight after my third was born. I loved being back in the gym and doing the Olympic-style lifts again. After a couple of years I transitioned back into bodybuilding to see if my post-baby body could hang with the competition. I won my first show in 2015 and got my natural pro card. I competed in my first pro show and got 3rd.


I registered for my first powerlifting meet a few months after, but had to pull out of the deadlift portion because of an injury. Unfinished business there. Here is my bench press:

I guess you could say I love “all the weights”.