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I’ve always wanted to write, but I wasn’t sure that writing wanted me. Surely if God had wanted me to write he would have led me to some sort of formal education in the subject, but instead I got a business degree from Georgia Tech. While life unfolded, I ignored the Whisper to write- until now. Like it or not, the universe has to accept my imperfect gift because it is what I love to do. It is what I would do of no one was watching reading.

I grew up in a somewhat “normal” family, made some bad decisions, made some good decisions, found and married Mr. Right, and now I find myself over-educated and under-qualified for my current job title: Mother-Of-Three.

Life for me has been less about discovering what I’m good at and a lot more about eliminating things I stink at. Sometimes between exhiliration and exhaustion, I find myself reaching for a pen and journaling a thought, a prayer, an idea. Why? Because maybe,  just maybe, somebody could learn something from my countless mistakes or my 4 good decisions. (yes I can count them on one hand)

Most likely the ones who could benefit  from the thoughts in my head are my children.  At least to discover one day why they turned out the way that they did. It is for them that I write these words. It is for them-these little people who have taught me more about myself in recent years than I could have ever figured out alone.

So finally, I am going to write. (Somewhere my mom is saying, “I-told-you-so”) These are my revelations. If a later post seems to contradict a previous one, it is not because I am inconsistent. It is because I reserve the right to continue to grow, and learn, and change my mind.

Thank you Lord for Mr. Right, and these three little teachers you’ve entrusted to my care: Answer to Prayer, Blessing and Gift. Let me use my whole life to love them as wildly as you love me.


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