Blooming where you are planted.

On my run this morning I passed a neighborhood with an iron bar gate and just as I got to the edge of it, something behind the black bars caught my eye.

It was a bright magenta flower that stood in stark contrast to the dull gate. I turned my head to get a better view and saw dozens of the same flower behind the gate. It was a gorgeous sight and yet I suddenly felt sad that these flowers were hidden from human view. Someone like me would have to accidently discover them and then intentionally stop to appreciate their contribution to world.

My own thought surprised me.

Those bold flowers weren’t looking for pity. They weren’t even looking for lookers. They were just being bright and bold and beautiful right were they were planted. On task. Fulfilling their mission. Quietly bringing beauty in the world and joy to their Creator.

Maybe they didn’t get a gorgeous hill from which to display their gift.

Maybe only one or 2 lucky ones would ever enjoy the vibrant magenta petals smiling behind the harsh dark bars.

Maybe no one would see.

I smiled and received the subtle gift from the blooms: Love and joy and real beauty are just behind hard things.

Sometimes we have to seek them out, and sometimes they will just find us, but never are you overlooked by the One who knows exactly where you are planted.  

He sees.

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