Freedom of choice?

Choice is highly valued in our society-especially in America. We all want freedom to make our own decisions. We do not deal with the implications of making poor choices because a poor choice is also a freedom. True freedom, however, requires wisdom because poor choices always lead to bondage. It is so important for the future of our country and the success of our families to inspire and equip our generation and future generations to make the wise choice and not just relish in the freedom of a choice. When freedom is valued higher than wisdom- we are all in danger. To be truly free we need to seek wisdom and understanding from the one who knows best how to do this thing called life…because He gave life to us.

When I was 21 I made a poor choice. I have suffered the consequences ever since, and when If you knew of my choice, you will assuredly say that it was a poor one. I know. Now. That’s the thing about choices- they are obvious to others but not so clear to those who are making them. We see so clearly when a friend is about to make a huge mistake. We can predict the outcome of horrible choices made by others but we are blind to our own predictable path. We use “because I can” as an excuse for carrying out plans to ruin our lives. You have the freedom to make a wise choice or an unwise choice but either way you have exercised your freedom.


“Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her and she will watch over you”. –Proverbs 4:6


Choice is the simplest form of freedom. Freedom is defined as, “the power to determine action without restraint”.  With each choice you are granted even more or less freedom. The implications of choice are obvious in every arena of life. You make the free choice to spend more than you make you end up in debt. You make the choice to save and spend within your means you reap the benefit of living with margin. You use your freedom to look at images on the internet and suddenly it doesn’t seem like a choice anymore. You make the free choice to use drugs or drink too much and now you don’t have the choice- your body tells you you have to. Where did your freedom go? Tricky isn’t it? Freedom allows us more freedom or more bondage. True freedom requires wisdom.


An evil person is sure to be trapped by his sin, but a man who lives right is free to sing and be glad. -Proverbs 29:6

When you are faced with a choice, make the best one. The wise choice. If you are a Christian, be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is whispering to you and make the choice that Jesus would. Only Jesus can make sense of confusion. In a world that has no absolutes He is absolute. I am comforted every day that my God is not confused. He wants me to be free. Free from sin. Free from guilt. Free from addiction. Free from anger. He wants me to make wise choices that he himself will teach us if we listen, so that we can be free to be glad and our spirit can be at peace. Freedom is fragile. Choose wisely.