The Ocean

The Ocean

(for my Selah, who makes me pause and ponder)


I am the Ocean.

I’ve been here since day three,

Created from a Word to reflect the Creator.


I stretch from land to land,




I’ve seen people come and go.

I’ve met family you’ve only seen in pictures,

and  before pictures existed.


Erasing their footprints for yours,

and yours for more to come.

New faces.

                Same desires.


I hear laughter, and feel tears.

                I keep secrets.

Capturing them on the shore,

and carrying them back into the deep.


               The sand,

The sun…

reminders to be salt and light.


The people and the landscape change,

but the dreams remain the same:

To Love and to be Loved.


 Come Sit.

                Come Listen.

I’ll whisper to you your true name.

Do you hear it?


 I am the Ocean.

                I watch.

I listen.

I hear the deepest longings of your heart,

and I know the Answer.


I’ve known Him since day three.